We're keeping the Be(a)st community in mind

Hi there fellow Beast 🖤

We’ve been growing a ton, and thanks to your loud feedback, it’s become more clear than ever that Beast is wanted in many more cities across the globe. So we are fundraising to expand our operations!

We’re primarily looking for institutional and angel investors in mobility and marketplace startups worldwide. But since many of you have asked since our last fundraise, we also wanted to offer the opportunity to subscribe to our amazing fans and earliest community members (you!).

For investment tickets starting from €25k, please indicate interest here.

For smaller tickets, please leave a quick mark on this form.

Important takeaways: We will not be able to include everyone in this round. In particular, we won’t be able to include investors at less than €25,000 for now. When met with a lot of interest from our community, we will actively dedicate more time to setting up transparent crowdfunding opportunities as soon as possible.

Please register your interest at any level, and we will let you know when it might work (we’ll make sure you’ll be the first to know!)

Filling out either of the forms above is considered a token of interest. It is not a commitment to invest and there is no obligation on either side. We will reach out to you separately to explore opportunities.

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