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Earn Extra with Your Tesla

Let it work while you chill! We do all the heavy lifting for you.

Imagine this 💡 You go on holiday and leave your vehicle at the airport. You indicate it to your personal concierge, our operations team picks it up, tidies it to Beast standards, and enables it on the Beast Rent app. While you enjoy your getaway, your Tesla makes you a nice buck.

As you land back home, your thoroughly cleaned and fully charged Tesla is waiting for you right where you want it to be.

Quick start

Entire setup, including connecting your Tesla(s) to our system takes <2 minutes through our Beast Rent app ⏱️
Just tap Become a Partner in the app’s menu and follow the steps.

Smooth operations

Hassle-free approach to P2P: insurance, charging, cleaning, relocation, customer support handled and covered by us at Beast 🚀

Profit share

Earn 50-65% from the profit on all your rentals.
As the world’s first premium P2P solution, we take care of everything and account for it in our dynamic monthly service fee. Then, we give our Partners the bigger piece of the profit pie 🥧 → we deduct the service fee from the vehicle’s monthly total earnings and according to the chosen tier, calculate and pay out the commission.
The way we approach pricing and utilization is designed to maximize earnings 💰

Fast payouts

Stripe Connect for trustworthy and secure transfers every month 🛡️

Tesla Car Sharing P2P

Wait, what is it?

Discover how to make your Tesla cash-flow positive while fully realizing its sustainability potential and enhancing your CO₂ offset

Passive income with Tesla

How does it work?

We handle it all - pricing, cleaning, charging, and more. Enjoy a worry-free experience with insurance and concierge services

Any conditions?

Join Beast Partners with your 2018 or newer Tesla, registered in our operating markets, with less than 100,000km on the odo

Eager for more?

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It all depends on which Tier you choose to join. Please see breakdown of Tiers and potential income estimates here.

Depending on the tier you join and the vehicle model you add, your monthly earnings will fall within the given ranges and go straight to your account.

Monthly earnings vary based on seasons, with peak (higher range) earnings during warm season.

We are committed to prioritizing the use of Partner vehicles to meet demand, ensuring you as our Partner experience the best possible earning outcomes.

Every time a rental is started with your vehicle, comprehensive (casco) insurance is activated, which includes roadside assistance whenever needed.

As a Partner, you'll be responsible for obtaining mandatory traffic insurance and making sure it's valid on the vehicle at all times. It's important to note that non-compliance to this regard will result in a permanent ban and high penalty fees.

In addition to comprehensive insurance, Beast covers minor damages and takes care of general upkeep to sustain the vehicle for longer. There may be cases where insurance nor Beast are responsible for certain issues, for example, when the warranty runs out and there's a significant software error.

For Tier 1, we cover the cost of swapping tires but not the cost of the tires themselves. We can provide you with business pricing for the tires, as we have good deals with our long-term suppliers.

In other tiers, you'll need to cover the costs of both tires and swapping. We can still help you with the procedures and offer our business pricing for both, as we have established good deals with our providers.

All other maintenance processes will remain your responsibility as the Partner, but we'll make sure to notify you when we notice anything that needs attention.

We understand that this is a considerable decision to make and you probably have even more questions! Not to worry – you're not alone. To ease the process, we've gathered all the Frequently Asked Questions here.

The full Partner's Vehicle Listing and Operation Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Wohoo! We're excited to hear it 🎉

Joining is really simple, just follow the steps below or watch our quick tutorial video.

1. Download the Beast Rent app if you haven't already
⭢ Available for both iOS & Android
2. Create an account and tap "Become a Partner" in the menu
3. Connect your Tesla account and add your vehicle
4. Indicate the pick-up & return time as well as the pick-up/return location in the app
5. If your vehicle meets our requirements, it will be activated for rental
6. Next, you'll be assigned a dedicated concierge who will contact you and inform you of any additional details if or when necessary.

For more information, please write to us at [email protected]

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