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Beast is a minute-based Tesla rental:
no paperwork, no keys, no hidden fees

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Renting a Telsa

Why choose Beast?

It’s way past the time to take responsible action to help keep the world greenclean and beautiful by taking action now 🌍


Spend some quality time with yourself while having autopilot help you on the road, the options are endless

Positive Impact

Get around with comfort and ease while having a positive impact on the environment

Easy to Use

You can organize a hassle-free getaway with your family or friends

Fast Customer Support

The team behind Beast gives more than their best every single day to make sure you feel safehappy and comfortable

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The Most Convenient &
Fun Solution

  • It’s 24/7
  • Fully electric fleet, only Teslas
  • As our users like to say: Minute-based Tesla rental
  • No paperwork
  • No keys, just your phone
  • Charging, insurance and roadside assistance included
  • Unlimited mileage
  • No deposit required when pre-booking
  • Book a Beast and get in
Embrace the change

Release the Beast

You can use Beast’s services to meet the needs of your lifestyle. You can get around town with comfort and ease while having a positive impact on the environment. You can organize a spontaneous getaway with your family or friends and have Beast be responsible for a smooth, yet thrilling experience that gets everyone talking. You can use Beast to spend some quality time with yourself while having autopilot help you on the road. 

The options are endless and the team behind Beast gives more than their best every single day to make sure you feel safe, happy and comfortable. Even our pricing is all-inclusive and transparent, there are absolutely no extra costs for charging and in many places even parking is free.

Never Rent a Boring Car Again

Create the most unforgettable memories while enjoying one of the greatest experiences with zero emissions

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