One Day as a Fleet Assistant in a startup called Beast

It’s time for another sit-down and talk about how one day usually looks like at Beast. We’re kicking it off with our fleet assistants, the real MVPs of our family. Is it more than just driving around with different Teslas all day? And of course, we wanna hear stories, funny and not-so-funny stories. Let’s dig in..

First things first, what do you guys do in the morning?

We check the Beast Rent dashboard to see if any cars that are live on the map need charging. We want our clients to always receive a fully charged Tesla when they use our services. After that, we check if any cars have roamed overnight from one city to another. Lastly, check our company chat for any new info from our operations manager. If there’s any news, it’s usually a request to bring a car from one city to another. 

And off you go?

And off to the field we go, yes. We’ll put the juiceless cars to charge and check their condition. Check for any damages, but also check if the car needs any software updates or needs to be reset to factory settings (seat position, account, Bluetooth account deletion, etc). Most importantly, the cars need to be clean for our clients. If the car needs cleaning, then we’ll grab our cleaning kit and make the car shine again. 

Working for a startup

So, it sounds like you guys have a bunch of babies you need to take care of, the babies being different Teslas. That sounds really cool, especially knowing you guys are huge Tesla fans, so I bet you really enjoy it. But let’s move on, I imagine everyone is already dying to hear some stories.

Beast diaries – funny and not-so-funny stories

Client uploading photos of his own car

So, everyone who has already rented a Beast knows that after the rental the client has to take pictures of the car. That way we can take better care of our babies (Teslas). Anyways, one day we checked the uploads and see that one client had uploaded pictures of his own car, not Beast. And it’s not just one picture, it’s a bunch of pictures from every angle, so we got a nice overview of his car.

A person hating our stickers

A client once pre-booked a Beast, after showing up to the car, he realized there is a sticker on the car that says “Beast”. He immediately canceled the booking since he couldn’t recognize himself as a “Beast”.

Tallinn Airport car rental
Shoveling snow with a toothbrush

Finland can get real snowy, real fast. One time we were shoveling cars out of the snow, it had like 50 cm snowfall, and we spotted a client desperately trying to clean up his fresh rental with the toothbrush. So we helped him out with shovels and properly sized snowbrushes.

Unexpected Bluetooth connections

This happens when our fleet assistants have their Bluetooth saved and the Tesla’s Bluetooth automatically connects when in a radius. So sometimes just random music starts blasting in another car. This has happened with many clients but also during work. Another scenario was with my colleague who was on a phone call and it connected straight to my car. I started talking, but I didn’t understand what was going on, it was a mess. An example with a client is that our fleet assistant in Tartu got a phone call and a client rented a car that had his Bluetooth connected, so the client heard everything that he was speaking.

Bluetooth can be a real blessing, but also a curse. We try to clear out Bluetooth connections as much as possible, but we do recommend deleting your Bluetooth yourself after rental.

Tesla Bluetooth
Driving a Tesla in winter
Finding new friends on the road

It’s nice to see that more and more Tesla owners are seen on the roads. It feels like a whole community because every time two completely stranger Tesla owners drive past each other, there’s always a little head nod and a hand wave included. It’s a small thing but always brings a little smile to our faces.

Not a cool thing to do

In Beast cars, we have charging cables to use when the charging station doesn’t provide it itself. These chargers belong to Beast, there’s even a big sign on the cable saying this. But still, from time to time we have found our cables hanging from the station by themselves, while a client has driven away and left it there for everyone to grab. That’s not a cool thing to do!

Bye-bye Baby Shark

We had a new Tesla Model 3 SR+ in our fleet, we decided to make it special, so we wrapped it in cyan blue. It also got a sick name, Baby Shark. Guess what! It went live, got maybe one or two rentals before someone totaled it in Tallinn. Luckily everyone was safe and no one was hurt. Baby Shark will be missed!

Wrapped Tesla

So in conclusion, you guys do drive around with different Teslas every day, but it’s also a lot of taking care of them and dealing with any situations that include our Be(a)st clients. Thanks a lot guys for taking the time and sharing your story! Your team, and I’m sure our clients, appreciate you. Thank you!

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