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Modern Mobility with a Financial Future

The Beast Partners program is our ultra-modern approach to vehicle-sharing with Tesla. Just dive into the simplicity and sophistication of our hassle-free program: 

→ no extra devices 🔧
→ no operational worries 👷
→ no customer handling 💬

Whether you’re an individual or a business, the world’s most convenient P2P (people-to-people) solution offers you an unmatched opportunity to transform your Tesla into a high-earning asset.

Booking Partners can earn extra by providing their Teslas for rental occasionally. Business Partners can monetize company-owned Tesla fleets by integrating with the Beast Rent platform.

Join us now to unlock a sustainable, lucrative income stream with your Tesla, and let us handle all the details.

Welcome to the modern era of earning effortlessly!

Are you a Tesla owner?

Become a Booking Partner

Here’s the deal:

  1. Connect your Tesla account in the Beast Rent app in just a few minutes.
  2. The vehicle(s) will only be listed for bookings.
  3. Once someone reserves your Tesla, our representative reaches out to you for a smooth pickup and ensures everything is ready for a top-notch experience on both sides.
  4. As a Partner you earn 50% of the profit generated by your vehicle(s).

For fleets with ≥5 Tesla vehicles, please refer to the Business Partner section.


Pursuing Business Opportunities instead?

Join Business Partners

Have 5 or more Tesla vehicles waiting to generate more income?

  1. Your Tesla fleet becomes available full-time for Beast Rent services, such as instant rentals, bookings, Beast+, and other fleet-related offerings.
  2. Beast takes care of everything, just sit back & relax while earning 65%-75% of the profit generated by your vehicles.
  3. Test it out: Enjoy a no-obligation, 1-month trial to assess our services. When you choose to continue as a Business Partner, a minimal commitment of 6 months will apply.
Booking Partner Business Partner
Number of Teslas
5 or more
Minimal Commitment Period
None; free-flowing according to your own wishes
Confirmed bookings must be fulfilled as agreed.
6 months
Try for 1 month commitment-free
Profit Share
Large fleet owners are subject to custom terms
Mandatory Traffic Insurance
Partner's responsibility
Partner's responsibility
Comprehensive InsuranceCasco
Covered by Beast
Covered by Beast
Beast Branding
Not required
Covered by Beast
Avg Monthly Income Estimate
Dependant on the # of bookings
>700€ per vehicle
including VAT

Easy to Get Started

→ If you haven’t yet, download the Beast Rent app 📲

→ Just tap Become a Partner in the app’s menu and follow the steps, it only takes a few minutes.

Remarkably Convenient

We guarantee our Partners a premium experience 🌟

→ Insurance, charging, cleaning, relocation, customer support all handled by us at Beast.

Hassle-Free Earnings

We take care of everything and account for it in our dynamic monthly service fee 🧾

→ We deduct this service fee from the vehicle’s monthly total earnings pay out the commission based on the profit split.

→ The way we approach pricing and utilization is designed to maximize earnings.

Exciting Results

All Partners have access to ‘My Dashboard‘ in the app 📲

→ Currently you can access an overview of past rentals and kilometers driven, more features are added continuously.

Why choose Beast Partners instead of other providers?

Other providers just offer a platform Beast Partners offers so much more
Hassle free - process handling covered*

No paperwork

Transparent cost structure

Overview of utilization data

Comprehensive insurance handled

Team of fleet assistants

No need to communicate to the renters

Easy & effortless sign-up

* Please note that Booking Partners are obligated to handle the seasonal tire change of their vehicle(s). Additionally, the drop-off and pick-up should occur within the central city area where Beast operates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I earn?

Booking Partners earn 50% of their vehicle’s monthly profit.

Directly deposited into their accounts.

Business Partners earn 65%-75% of the profit from their vehicles each month.

This means an estimated commission of more than 700€ per vehicle.

Please contact us for more information and exact terms. 

Final Partner earnings depend on vehicle model and usage, with the formula:

Your earnings=(total revenue of your vehicle(s)−Vehicle Operating Costs)∗deal percentage

Seasonal variations impact earnings, peaking in warmer months. We prioritize Partner vehicles for optimal earning potential.

What about insurance?

Every time a rental is started with your vehicle, comprehensive (casco) insurance is activated, which includes roadside assistance whenever needed.

As a Partner, you’ll be responsible for obtaining mandatory traffic insurance and making sure it’s valid on the vehicle at all times. It’s important to note that non-compliance to this regard will result in a permanent ban and high penalty fees.

In addition to comprehensive insurance, Beast covers minor damages and takes care of general upkeep to sustain the vehicle for longer. There may be cases where insurance nor Beast are responsible for certain issues, for example, when the warranty runs out and there’s a significant software error.

What about tires?

Business Partners:

We cover the cost of swapping the tires for your fleet, but the expense for the tires themselves is the responsibility of the Partner. 

Booking Partners:

You are expected to purchase and seasonally swap the tires for their vehicle(s).

We can provide our Partners with business pricing for the tires, as we have good deals with our long-term suppliers.

All other maintenance processes will remain your responsibility as the Partner, but we’ll make sure to notify you when we notice anything that needs attention.

What are the conditions for vehicles?

Vehicle requirements to join the Beast Partners program are:

  • Registered in one of the markets that Beast operates in
  • Tesla models manufactured in 2018 or later
  • Odometer max 100,000 km at the time of handover
  • In good shape (no significant obstructions, damages, or technical errors)
  • Active mandatory traffic insurance contract
  • No modifications
  • Manufactured for the EU market (e.g. EU charging port)
  • Monthly Premium connectivity subscription (Partner’s cost)

If your vehicle meets these conditions, you’re ready to join the Beast Partners community. Let’s get ready to unleash the full potential of your Tesla!

Exact terms?

The full Partner’s Vehicle Listing and Operation Terms and Conditions can be found here.

How to join?

Wohoo! We’re excited to hear that you want to seize the opportunity 🎉

Joining is really simple, just follow the steps below or watch our quick tutorial video.

  1. Download the Beast Rent app if you haven’t already
    ⭢ Available for both iOS & Android
    2. Create an account and tap “Become a Partner” in the menu
    3. Connect your Tesla account and add your vehicle
    4. Indicate the pick-up & return time and location in the app
    5.  We will contact you, inform you of any additional details if or when necessary and arrange the next steps
More FAQ

We understand that this is a considerable decision to make and you probably have even more questions! Not to worry – you’re not alone. To ease the process, we’ve gathered all the Frequently Asked Questions here.

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