What does a P2P service for Teslas include?

Beast Partners is not just a service — it’s an experience.

Pricing – Leveraging our extensive market knowledge and custom-built systems, we set the pricing to maximize your earnings. Your income percentage is set during the initial onboarding, based on the Partner package you select.

Relocation – We manage the logistics, moving your Tesla to the locations where it can earn the most.

Cleaning – We aim for our vehicles to be clean and ready for use at all times. Even though we encourage Partners to maintain their vehicles, we ensure they’re in pristine condition for Drivers and upon return.

Charging – Drivers use our standard charging stations, and your Tesla is returned to you charged up to the recommended levels.

Insurance & Roadside Assistance – Each rental activates comprehensive insurance that includes roadside assistance. Just a reminder: mandatory traffic insurance should always be actively covering the vehicle.

Personal Concierge – Have questions or concerns? Your personal concierge is there to help.

With Beast Partners, you can sit back and let your Tesla do the work, while you enjoy the benefits. It’s P2P made simple, and sustainable.

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