Teslaverse #4: Latest Tesla News

Whether you love Tesla, or if you’re not their biggest fan, you have to keep up with what Tesla does to understand the rest of the industry. We’re back with a fresh batch of electrifying updates in S01E04 of Teslaverse. If you didn’t catch the first three posts, no worries, you can find them here(episode 1), here(episode 2), and here(episode 3). As always, Beast would love to take all the credit, but the real hero behind this project is Jaan from The EV Universe. He’s on a mission to connect the whole EV ecosystem and make it accessible to everyone.

A quick reminder before jumping into episode 4:
This blog post is a quick overview of Teslaverse #4. You might call it a trailer, or the episode highlights. If you want to have a more in-depth look, you should head over to Teslaverse #4: Deep Dive of Model 3 Refresh — Cybertrucks everywhere — Tesla dominates NEVI

Deep Dive: Tesla Model 3 Refresh

So… where do we start?

We’ve been talking about the revamp project for the Model 3, previously codenamed Highland, for a while now. The first major refresh for the vehicle since 2017 is now here. That said, there have been tweaks to M3 before, of course. Not to mention what Tesla does with OTA software updates.

Note: So far the refresh hasn’t launched in North America, but in Asia, the Middle East & Europe instead. That’s because the Model 3s in these markets are supplied by the one factory where these changes have been made so far: the Giga Shanghai.

Exterior Changes

The new Model 3 boasts a remarkable 0.219 Cd drag coefficient, making it Tesla’s most aerodynamic vehicle – and it comes in two new colors, Ultra Red and Stealth Grey. Along with some more aesthetic changes, the new wheel styling and Hankook tires enhance the range and reduce noise.

Image of grey and red Tesla Model 3

Interior Changes

Tesla has introduced “wraparound styling”, and by using enhanced, softer, and more refined materials there is an increase in comfort for all on-board. For those in the back seat, there are wider, more comfortable rear seats, a larger armrest, and they can enjoy an 8’’ touchscreen for climate control and entertainment. You can check out more in-depth changes to the interior and exterior, as well as info on the pricing, driving & specs, and Model 3 sales so far in the full Teslaverse #4 article.

The Company

There have been a couple of changes in the company, with Zachary Kirkhorn, known as the “Master of Coin,” resigning from his position as Tesla’s CFO on August 4th, concluding his 13-year tenure with the company, including four years as CFO. Vaibhav Taneja, the Chief Accounting Officer, is now working as CFO (though Kirkhorn will remain with Tesla until the end of the year to ensure a smooth transition).

Tesla is also making a notable appearance at the Detroit Auto Show, marking its return after an eight-year absence. Speculation surrounds whether this presence will involve showcasing the Cybertruck or even unveiling the new Model 3.



Several images of the Cybertruck in transit at Giga Texas have emerged, indicating ongoing production. We don’t have Pricing details for the Cybertruck yet. We also don’t know how many there are, since no production numbers have appeared yet, but I guess we could say “tens of Cybertrucks” have been produced so far.

Tesla Cybertruck

Model S&X

Tesla has simplified its Model S and Model X offerings in the US, reducing prices significantly. Notable price reductions include Model S LR to $74,990, Model S Plaid to $89,990, Model X LR to $79,990, and Model X Plaid to $89,990.

Production & Sales


Giga Berlin: Tesla has completed its depot and launched a dedicated train shuttle at Giga Berlin, providing free transportation for 400 employees per ride. The launch was celebrated with a party, and some employees even hosted a DJ session on the train.

Giga Shanghai: Giga Shanghai has achieved a significant milestone by producing 2 million Teslas. The first million was achieved in 33 months, while the second million was produced in just 13 months. Tesla’s localization rate for components used in the Shanghai factory has surpassed 95%. Additionally, Model Y (RWD) vehicles from Giga Shanghai are now being exported to the Republic of Korea.

Giga Mexico: Tesla is awaiting approval for a change-of-land-use permit to initiate construction at Giga Mexico. It is likely that production won’t commence before 2026/2027, as suppliers are also advised to wait for further developments.


As of the end of August 2023, Tesla’s registrations in Europe (237,556) have exceeded the total for 2022 (233,800), per the data gathered in the Tesla Motors Club project (link). Here’s a helpful chart illustrating the growth (the top line represents 2023):

Tesla Registrations Chart

Tesla (Super)Charging

US Charging

In the US, Tesla continues to dominate the DC charging landscape. They opened 557 charging ports in August, and a total of 3,522 in 2023 so far. Tesla’s charging installation this year nearly matches the total number of chargers installed by the second-place competitor, Electrify America (3,582). Globally, Tesla has over 5,265 Supercharger locations and 48,082 connectors, and they recently announced reaching 50,000 Superchargers.

NEVI Grants 

Tesla has the most winning bids in NEVI funding for the first 5 states. They won 22 out of 120 locations in Hawaii, Ohio, Maine, CO, and PA. And while others stick with NEVI minimum of 4 ports per site, Tesla does 8 to 12. (link)

Tesla is also building charging stations cheaper and faster than competitors, quoting about $392k per site compared to an average $795k bid by other CPOs. In Maine, Tesla incurred hardware costs of $17k per fast charger, compared to $130k for another (unnamed) company.

Semi Charging Route

Tesla has proposed building nine electric truck charging stations between California and Texas, covering a 1,800-mile route connecting their Austin HQ and the Nuevo Leon, Mexico factory. You can check it out here:

Semi Charging Route

We hope you enjoyed the 4th Teslaverse!
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Huge thanks to Jaan for producing our Teslaverse #4.

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