Teslaverse #6: Latest Tesla News

Teslaverse 6

We’re back with a fresh batch of Tesla news, in Teslaverse #6. It’s important to keep up with what Tesla does to really understand the industry. If you didn’t catch the first five posts, no worries, you can find them here(episode 1), here(episode 2), here(episode 3), here(episode 4), and here (episode 5). As always, Beast would love to take all the credit, but the real hero behind this project is Jaan from The EV Universe. Jaan’s on a mission to connect the whole EV ecosystem and make it accessible to everyone.

A quick reminder before jumping into episode 6:
This blog post is a quick overview of Teslaverse #6. You might call it a trailer, or the episode highlights. If you want a more in-depth look, you should head over to Teslaverse #6: a jolly good read on Cybertruck, Tesla Diner, Recalls and more.

Updates on the Tesla Cybertruck

Jaan explored the Cybertruck extensively in a 7,000-word Deep Dive. If you’re interested in the Cybertruck, definitely check the Deep Dive out! There have been a couple of updates since then, so we’ve picked out a few for you.

Tesla Cybertuck

Prices & Specs:

  • Starting at $119,990 for the Foundation Series Cybertruck, it offers a $7,500 Federal Tax Credit for eligible purchases.
  • Safety features focus on energy absorption in collisions, with Tesla claiming enhanced safety compared to other trucks.

Opinions & Features:

  • Renowned designer Giorgetto Giugiaro praised it as a symbol of individuality and robustness, dubbing it a “Picasso of automobiles.”
  • On the Boat mode: Musk says they are “going to offer a mod package that enables Cybertruck to traverse at least 100m of water as a boat. Mostly just need to upgrade cabin door seals.”

The Company

The end-of-year shuffle at Tesla has seen several notable departures:

Jeroen van Tilburg – Jeroen headed the EV Charging Network/Supercharger EMEA since January 2018. He departed recently, focusing on family after contributing significantly to Tesla’s Supercharging network in Europe.

Ganesh Venkataramanan – Ganesh led Tesla’s Dojo “supercomputer project” for five years and has now left the company. Peter Bannon steps in as the replacement. Tim Zaman, Tesla’s head of AI infrastructure, also left, joining Google DeepMind.

Chris Lister – The former VP of Operations has also left. He is now serving as Chief Supply Chain Officer at Redwood Materials, an organization with a significant Tesla alumni presence.

The Recall

Here’s a quick recap of recent recalls. For more information check out the Recall section of the full Teslaverse Episode 6.

Autosteer Recall Update:

  • Tesla issued a voluntary software update, not a physical vehicle recall, to 2,031,220 US vehicles.
  • The update aims to modify alerts for Autosteer, a part of the Autopilot system, based on a 2021 NHTSA investigation of incidents.
  • The software enhances safety prompts to ensure drivers maintain continuous control while using Autosteer.

Response and Public Engagement:

  • Rohan Patel, VP of Tesla Public Policy, discussed Autopilot safety publicly, notably addressing Senator Blumenthal’s concerns.
  • Tesla refuted claims on safety systems in response to negative media coverage, often resulting in misleading headlines.

European Initiatives:

  • Tesla compensated for the sudden end of EV subsidies in Germany until year-end, covering discounts for consumers previously shared between the government and the automaker.
  • In Europe, Tesla introduced an ‘Advent Calendar’ promotion in 15 European countries, offering prizes such as trips and merchandise until December 24th.
Tesla Holiday Homepage

Tesla Vehicles

Owners are celebrating a recent update allowing the manual control of wipers during FSD or Autopilot use. The 2023 Holiday software update offers diverse features, including customizable horn sounds, Apple Podcasts, speed camera display, auto 911 calls, and blind spot indicators. Notably, the high-fidelity park assist feature benefits vehicles without ultrasonic sensors, currently available for some customers.

New Tesla Parking Sensor - Image from the Teslaverse article

However, as of Dec 31st, certain US Model 3 variants lose eligibility for the IRA tax credit due to cell production limitations at Giga Nevada. Changes in pricing are expected to counterbalance EV rebates, possibly influencing Model Y prices in the new year. Additionally, Europe’s updated Model 3 will soon receive adaptive headlights via an upcoming OTA update, marking Tesla’s first car with this feature in the region.

Production and Sales

  • Giga Shanghai might resume construction for Phase 3, aimed at the $25,000 next-gen vehicle, while Q4 production is expected to set new records, particularly with the Model Y outpacing the Model 3.
  • Giga Mexico has secured land-use permits in Nuevo Leon, with potential construction starting soon. The project is estimated to exceed $5 billion, encompassing a vast area called the “Tesla District,” covering multiple phases and production lines.
  • The company is exploring potential locations for future Gigafactories in Thailand and India, with Thailand showcasing industrial estates to Tesla executives and India contemplating lower import duties in exchange for local manufacturing investment.
  • The Model Y is poised to become the best-selling vehicle in Europe, setting records in various European countries and outperforming competitors in sales figures, while in the US, it maintains its position as the leading EV with significant sales volume.
  • In China, Tesla ranks as the second-largest NEV (BEV+PHEV) maker, securing around a 7.8% market share, while expanding its presence by launching a vehicle configurator in Qatar, marking its fourth country in the Middle East.

Tesla (Super)Charging

Tesla has expanded its non-Tesla Supercharging in Europe to include Ireland, Romania, and Hungary, reaching 19 European countries. They’ve also made the support page country-specific. The Supercharger network extends to various countries globally, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mainland China, and South Korea.

The progress of Tesla’s Diner on Santa Monica Boulevard is evident, with subfloors set and technical plans shared. Additionally, Tesla is developing wireless inductive charging, aiming for a seamless charging experience at home.

Tesla Diner under construction

A collaboration between Tesla and Best Western International is underway, planning to install 2,000 Tesla Universal Wall Connector chargers in North American hotels, with future plans for global expansion. Earlier, Tesla partnered with Hilton for a similar initiative in North America.

Details about the Tesla V4 Supercharger installation manuals were briefly leaked online, providing insights into this upcoming technology.

We hope you enjoyed the 6th Teslaverse!
Episode 7 will be out in about a month, so we do recommend keeping an eye on our blog section or subscribing to 
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A massive thanks to Jaan for producing our Teslaverse #6.

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